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Don't make an expensive purchase (such as furniture). Large purchases that require financing or the use of a credit card can cause your lender to question your credit-worthiness.

Don't get a new job. Lenders prefer applicants with a consistent job history. Although this may not affect your mortgage loan, depending on your situation it may be a cause for concern.

• Don't change financial institutions or move money around. Lenders will review your recent bank statements and accounts. In an effort to prevent fraud, these lenders will require a thorough paper trail of any transactions. Switching banks and transferring large amounts make verification more difficult.

Don't give your deposit directly to the seller (during a "for sale by owner" purchase).  Your good faith deposit should be allocated to a neutral third party such as an attorney until closing is complete.

Don't overlook the requirements of your lender. Even if you have been pre-approved, you must still meet the requirements of the lender. You may very well lose your loan and financing if you fail to submit all of the required documents.

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